Unique Hoodia Reviews

weird looking isn’t it?

Unlike other unique hoodia
reviews that are often incomplete, I’ve made sure to include
everything and anything that I would have wanted to know when I was
first introduced to this brand.

my REAL user experience here

What Is Unique Hoodia?

According to the official
website and other unique hoodia reviews, this diet pill is a
natural/herbal appetite suppressant that is 100% made from pure,
unaltered, South
African Hoodia Gordonii

Unique Hoodia Here

How Does it Work?

Like any other hoodia diet
pill advertised on the market, Unique hoodia also relies on a molecule
called P57 to
help you suppress your appetite.

you’ve never heard of P57 before, I recommend you go check out my post
on how hoodia gordonii works. In addition, Unique hoodia now comes
with added bioperine, which improves absorption rate. Making
the pill much more effective than its previous generation.

Are There Any Side Effects?

None that I know of
(haven’t actually experienced any). But I did see some mentions of how
unique hoodia would affect certain individuals from a general health
review site. For instance, if you’re currently diabetic, don’t take this
weight loss pill without first consulting with your doctor. Because
hoodia gordonii does have an effect on your blood sugar levels.

Also, if you’re currently
taking medications for other things, then don’t take unique hoodia until
your off medication. Again, preferably you’ll want to consult with your
doctor first.

The last possible side
effect that I discovered through another unique hoodia review blog was
that P57 also affects thirst. Though I haven’t noticed anything myself
when I was taking it, I’d just like to remind you that drinking water on
a regular basis is very important for your survival and health.

A good way of knowing whether or not your dehydrated is to press on the
palm of your hand and see how much time it takes for it to go from white
to regular color (the slower it is, the less hydrated you are).

Does Unique Hoodia Work?  

definitely! Read
my REAL user experience here

As I’ve
explained on my post on how to avoid hoodia diet pill scams (make sure
you’ve read this), it is SUPER
you remember the following: only South African Hoodia
 has been shown to possess a strong appetite
suppressant effect (high amount of P57). And not just any company
can get their hands on that good stuff.

Hoodia Review – Pros|Cons


  • Reduces hunger like no other
    appetite suppressant on the market
  • Very few or almost no side
    effects (depends on individual)
  • Contains 100% Hoodia Gordonii
    from South Africa
  • No fillers
  • Added bioperine for increased
    absorption of P57
  • 495mg of pure Hoodia Gordonii
    (strongest dosage on market)
  • Comes with a 180 day money back
  • Everything is natural


  • You still need to eat healthy
    foods (though exercising is optional but for fast weight loss, I
    highly recommend it)
  • Does not help those who are
    suffering from emotional eating (binge eating = talk to your doctor

How many pills should I take per

During my first month, I
simply took 2 pills per day, one before lunch and one before dinner. The
maximum dosage is 3 pills per day (morning, afternoon and evening). Many
unique hoodia reviews (including mine) agree on the fact that dosage can
vary from one person to another but essentially the main meals where you
want to cut back on calories will be lunch and dinner.


Is the pill hard to swallow?

Not really… And if you’ve
ever taken omega-3 pills then you’ll be fine. Besides, the company made
sure to make the supplement as small as possible while packing the most
effect in one dosage.

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Can You Buy Unique Hoodia?

As for right now, you can
only buy unique hoodia online. Click below to go their Official Website.

Unique Hoodia Today And Start Losing Weight!

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